March 4, 2044
The Day that Changed the World

Fritz F. ReichertFritz F. Reichert

author of Dangerous Voyage to Alpha Centauri

A Scientific Vision of Our Next 50 Years

My professional years

I started my career in highschool lecturing subjects to my fellow students under the supervision of my teachers.

To earn my living while studying at Frankfurt J.-W.-Goethe University I worked as an engineer at V-Corps Headquarters. After my graduation in Mathematical Physics I founded the private school in Frankfurt/Germany to make my dream come true teaching adults who believe science to be a matter restricted for elite only.

I’m proud to say that I succeeded in making hundreds of students to understand science and to lose their prejudices of being unfit to understand math. In promoting adult students in academic subjects necessary for their careers I became well known as that crazy teacher and head of a school that made people even love abstract science.

After twelve years in this school I accepted the call of the District President to build up adult education in the town and county of Hanau/Germany. In this top- position I could successfully expand my abilities to larger communities.

Retirement in Hawaii

In 1994 I retired and lived for ten years with my daughter’s family in Hawaii. At Hawaii University at Manoa I attended lectures on astronomy and met famous Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees.

My wife and I invited our German relatives to see us in our house in Kailua on the island of Oahu. It was a pleasure to make guests from Germany acquainted with the numerous beauties of the Hawaiian Islands. One of our grandchildren was still a teenager when he came to see us. He loved the waves at Oahu's North Shore, he jumped full of joy into the warm water of the Ocean, he admired the Observatories and the volcanoes on the Hawaiian Islands, and he really was emotionally touched when we visited Pearl Harbor Memorial.

But what excited him most were the numerous videos of the Star Trek Series he had discovered at Diamond Head Video which he urged me to watch with him.

Teacher’s disillusionment

I realized how much he got fascinated by the fancy stories of Captain Kirk and Commander Picard, by the conflicts between the United Federation of Planets (the good ones) and the rogues of the Klingon Empire, or the Romulan Star Empire, or the Borg collective. Some episodes looked like copies of conflicts we have here on earth between the NATO (the good ones) and the Soviets, or Iraqis, or the mullahs of Iran, or the revolutionist of Libya, anyway, conflicts between the Free World and Rogue States. In these movies I regarded a tremendous lack of political reality; no hint towards overpopulation, or change of climate, nothing about the discrepancy between the poor and the rich, no word about diminishing resources. Apparently all problems on earth were solved by WW III, but no word how the problems were settled.

I felt annoyed about the great chance to teach piture-goers of all ages about the real phantastic world outside of our planet. I got crazy about the stories of USS Voyager and Enterprise, stories being void of scientific rhyme and reason. Even when my grandson had left again for Germany I still grumbled about the loss of a great opportunity to inform the public in exciting movies and thrilling books about disaster and success, about defeat and victory of modern science.

“Do it better!”

My wife Isolde noticed my bad humor and said one day: “Why don’t you write a better story yourself?”

This was the day when I got a professional writer of novels:

The Search

This book was published in 2003 by BoD Norderstedt.

In 340 pages life and love of a physicist is described in the years between 2054 and 2099.

Added to the novel is an appendix on the present status of science of subjects which play a role in the novel such as
- Atrophy
- Ion Thruster
- Hibernation

Pictures are attributed by famous American artists:
Don Davis
David Egge
Adolf Schaller
Pamela Lee
William K. Hartmann

ISBN 3-8311-3129-5

The Strange World

In 2004 my book
Die fremde Welt, which translates to

The Strange World

was published by BoD Norderstedt.

On 240 pages you read about one
million people, emigrants from Earth who are colonizing a planet of a red-glowing sun. People fight this strange nature but love and hate are still dominant in the lives of people.

The cover of the book is from famous William K. Hartmann

ISBN 3-8334-0385-3


In 2005 my book Exodus was published by BoD Norderstedt. The cover of the picture is from famous artist Pamela Lee.

The book has 236 pages and tells the story of young people who were born in a space-ship. They suffer from the restrictions imposed on them by adults. They ask to leave the strange planet they live on for Earth which they only know from hear-say.

They meet a strange civilization which they escape for fear. They are on the verge to death, when their space-ship got damaged. Two young men sacrificed their lives to make the ship working. But before they arrive at Earth another problem threatens their lives.

ISBN 3-8334-2973-9

Besides these novels I wrote the treatment for a film, some radio plays and a couple of stories for anthologies. All this continued my writing of numerous articles in adult education magazines.

Right now I’m writing another novel in English on life in a space-ship and how people might live in a world very strange to human life.